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Publish on escapad and shed a new light on your content

Escapad is a digital travel guide distribution platform for professionals and experts to share content in a new and innovative way with users around the world.

A platform dedicated to Travel & Culture specialists
for sharing discoveries and passions


Shine a new light on your travel guides : publish on the Escapad app in a heartbeat. Bring in your content, our platform takes care of the rest.

From City Trips to long Country-wide Roadtrips our guide template adapts to your needs.

Example of companies we work with: Travel guide editors; Travel bloggers; Airlines and Hospitality companies; City councils and Tourist offices; etc.

Live Creators:
Tourisme Pays de Meaux

Art & Culture

Provide your visitors with a full-fledge guiding solution for your monument, exhibits and more!

Escapad also embeds an audioguide feature so your existing content are not lost.

Example of companies we work with: Heritage sites, Monument and Museum managers; Exhibit commissioners and curators; Art Galleries; Artists; Guides & Lecturers; etc.

Live Creators:
Dalí Paris Museum
Museum of Arles Antiquity


Share your knowledge with visitors worldwide on any topics you are passionate about.

We envision a world of discoveries where anyone can learn about specific topics in a single tap. Be part of this adventure with us!

Example of topics you can bring to the table: Literature; Police and Crime-related; Architecture; Movies and Cinema; Comics; etc.

Live Creators:
Les Visites de Fabienne

A distribution platform where creators have a central place
so users can discover you more easily


Creator Profile

As you publish content on Escapad, your public profile becomes the place for everyone to discover you and what you do.

We provide services to improve your visibility on the platform:

Social Networks

Connect your Instagram account and your Blog for your posts to be automatically synced. This content will be featured in your Profile and accessible in the app's Search.

Video Presentation

Present yourself, your brand or your monument in video.

Highlighted Guides

Shine a light on up to 3 guides: they will be displayed at the top of your profile under your username. This will be the first thing visitors will see about you!

A powerful and flexible guide creation tool
that adapts to your needs

Each guide is built around 3 main blocks that complement each other:


This is the place to provide context, introduce the theme of the guide in depth and pass on your expertise on the topic.

example: history, architecture, fashion, biography, etc.

Suggested Itineraries

This helps users navigate a city or a place, help them find their way around easily or provide different ways to visit a place.

example: thematic visits in a major museum, etc.

Address Book

This provides users with useful places and addresses recommendations to complete their escape.

example: restaurants, bars, panoramic points, hotels, etc.

Build Suggested Itineraries in minutes

Our Creators' Platform is tightly connected to Google Maps.

Simply add a new place to visit or a point of interest by typing in its name, we take care of all the rest!

Draw your Floor Plans with ease

The floor edition tool helps you build the perfect map of your place to help visitors around:

  • Add multiple floors;
  • Add rooms and customise their color to fit themes or real life signage;
  • Add utility icons: restrooms, stairs, lifts, etc.;
  • Place points of interests precisely

Customise routes between places

If you are not satisfied with the default route provided by the platform, you can tailor it to your needs by dragging it around.

Unleash your creativity in Places Descriptions

The Description edition tool works with blocks you can move around with ease.
Some of the available blocks are:

  • Text – either as paragraphs, titles, or even colorful inserts;
  • Photos;
  • Audio – be it soundtracks or your audioguide contents;
  • Videos;
  • 360 Experiences – from Photos to Videos to immerse your visitors;
  • List of places around – to complement the visit;
  • 3D Previews – display an object or a place

Learn to know your users

As users download and explore your guides on Escapad, the platform will let you know more about their profile and behaviors so you can tailor your next content.

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