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Guides for all your escapes

From a roadtrip in the countryside to a short roam in your city or visiting an exhibit, Escapad guides travel along with you.

City breaks

City breaks

Visit cities and capitals through their essential landmarks and picturesque streets, or follow more specific topics around art, history, architecture and many more.

Museum & Art Galleries

Museum & Art Galleries

Enrich your visit with additional content to learn more about the artworks and masterpieces, during or after your visit. Find your way inside with a helpful map.

Monuments & Heritage Sites

Monuments & Heritage Sites

Explore landmarks with ease and learn about their history, architecture and much more. Never get lost with a complete map of the place.

Roadtrips & Country trips

Roadtrips & Country trips

Explore countries, be it urban style, one city at a time, or closer to nature, hopping from one small village to the next in search of beautiful sceneries.

Public places & Gardens

Public places & Gardens

Often overlooked, public places and opened gardens are usually witnesses of incredible History and keep secrets in plain sight for who knows where to look.

Sport Trails

Sport Trails

Dive into nature from natural parks around the world to mountain treks to escape from your daily routine.

Curated guides from people you trust

Follow international experts & professionals as well as bloggers you love and trust to explore amazing places
We strive to deliver the best content to be found so you can learn from people who really know what they are talking about and walk in the footsteps of your favourite bloggers.

We partner with all types of professionals, as long as they share our love for quality content. Our partners can be Travel Bloggers, Museums, Monuments, Travel Guide editors, etc.

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<p class="sectionHeaderCaps">Guides to visit & learn</p><p class="sectionHeaderTitle">Full-fledge guides to become an expert on topics you pick.</p>
<p class="sectionHeaderCaps">Guides to visit & learn</p><p class="sectionHeaderTitle">Full-fledge guides to become an expert on topics you pick.</p>

Guides to visit & learn

Full-fledge guides to become an expert on topics you pick.

​All guides on Escapad follow a similar format so you always know where to find what you are searching for.

A guide is built around 3 blocks, each providing different type of information you can read before, during and after your escape:

Introduction to the Guide

Learn all about the theme of the guide and become an expert on the topic.

example: history, architecture, fashion, biography, etc.

Suggested Itineraries

Find your way around easily and visit a place differently.

example: thematic visits in a major museum, etc.

Address Book

Places and addresses recommanded by the guide's creator to complete your escape.

example: restaurants, bars, panoramic points, hotels, etc.

Guides with added value

Alongside curated guides, Escapad offers added value features to enjoy the experience as much as possible.
Discover some of the key features all available for free in the app. And as we are always adding more services, let us know if there is something you'd love to see in Escapad!

Remember those old-school museum audioguides devices everybody touches? Well, that time is over: just ask Escapad to read the guide's content, switch off your screen and gaze around.

No Internet? No Problem! As getting online abroad feels like an adventure in itself, Escapad has built-in offline access to all the guides you downloaded. Plus, it's completely free!

Never get lost in a city or in a museum: the entire Escapad experience is built around maps with your location visible. Finding out what's around you has never been easier!

Found a traveler that marvels you, a foodie who always seems to find the best spots in any city? Follow them to be notified first when they publish new guides.


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